Wayne Bonlie M.D., New Paradigm Wellness

Doctor Wayne Bonlie Baltimore Bioidentical Hormone Doctor
Wayne Bonlie, M.D.

Wayne Bonlie, M.D. is a family practice doctor focused on providing holistic medical care. Dr. Bonlie is passionate about blending the best care available from multiple sources.

He sees clients privately in his office New Paradigm Wellness.

He enjoys working with patients to bring healing and support the return of vitality.

There have been a lot of steps along the way leading Wayne to his Integrative Medicine practice. He was raised in British Columbia with parents who were extremely health conscious.


From a young age Wayne was extremely interested in science and how things worked. He went to college in Washington State and finished a graduate degree in Physiology, and his medical degree at Loma Linda University in California.

He had his first major shift after reading “Love, Medicine and Miracles” by Bernie Segal at the end of his first year of med school.

The book lead Wayne to exploration in meditation, mind-body connection, and a new way of viewing the world.

After residency, where he was chief resident, he ran a solo family practice clinic for nine years in Hoquiam, a small town at the base of the Olympic Peninsula.

During that time, he was medical director of the local hospice program and served a year as Medical Chief of Staff for a 99 bed hospital serving the needs of the county.

He and his wife, Cherry-Lee Ward, had two daughters while living there.

During the difficult birth experience of their first daughter, an RN at the hospital’s special care nursery introduced Wayne and Cherry-Lee to “Healing Touch” therapy.

This opened Wayne to energy medicine and led to further classes, workshops, and experiences.

In 2004 Wayne accepted a position as Director of Research for a company developing a magnetic therapy device.

This brought him and his family to the Baltimore area and allowed him to start seeing clients with an alternative and holistic focus, which is now his full time work.

He finds great satisfaction in helping people find personal solutions to their health puzzles.